A New Beginning

2 mins reading and 11 mins listening

I started something new today. Something exciting.

Since setting up this site several weeks ago, a major aim I had in mind was to bring in other people’s experiences and perspectives. It didn’t take a great deal of thought to conclude that recording conversations with practitioners from the expansive field of digital learning  was the best way to go. Hence the birth of the Digital Learning with @digitalzones podcast.

SMS Ep 1 Insta.pngI’ve already launched one podcast this year, so I’ve learnt the ropes and the process has been a breeze by comparison. The Social Media Stories podcast has now passed 20 episodes and I’m in a bit of a rhythm with it. As with all kinds of media-making like this, of course, it’s been a process of learning by doing.

The plan is for the new podcast to compliment the content I post to this site on anything and everything related to digital learning. Episode 1 is called ‘Beginnings’ and features a chat with Nandini Pasbola, who has just finished teaching her first trimester at Deakin University. The great thing about including Nandini’s reflections here is that she touches on many of the themes I’ve been writing about here over the past three weeks. If you’re interested in hearing the superb insights of a first-time teacher, check out the podcast embedded below!

While it might take a few days to reach some of the following platforms, you can also subscribe to Digital Learning with @digitalzones on the following:

And thanks to my partner for letting me exploit her Photoshop skills for the logo!

I’m always open to comments, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to get in touch and I hope you enjoy listening in the meantime! 🙂

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