On Resilience

1 min reading and 20 mins listening

Just a brief blog today, because I want to give you every opportunity – if you have the time and inclination – to listen to a conversation I recorded recently for the Social Media Stories podcast. Resilience was a term that was being used frequently when I first began teaching, though seems to have dissipated into the background for a number of years now. So for today at least I’m going to bring it front and centre, because as the story shared here reveals, resilience is a quality that students need beyond their studies alone…

Students can teach teachers – and their peers – a great deal about how to respond in the face of adversity. Perhaps they can do so even more readily, given that power relations and structures might inhibit the desire and deplete the impact of educator resilience being transferred to students. Being able to share student stories as part of certain podcast episodes is a great privilege, and none more so than public relations graduate Tara Lupus, whose positive attitude is to be envied and admired.

If you’re interested to find out why, check out the podcast below or download it via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or your preferred Android app.

How has resilience played a role in your life or profession? If you’re open to sharing, let me know via a comment below – and even more importantly, let others know too…


Featured image: Tara Lupus, PR graduate and positivity extraordinaire!

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