Serendipitous Moments

1 min reading and 3 mins viewing

Yesterday I made a brief Twitter video for Digital Media students who are for the most part wading into very unfamiliar territory. The main goal of this was to allay the nerves of at least some people about the idea of filming themselves on camera, but it ended up demonstrating a lot more than that alone. The following clip clearly highlights the serendipitous moments that can arise from going out of your comfort zone and getting creative with media.

This kind of spontaneous content creation still involves some degree of planning – even if it is only at the level of a notional script in my head. What you do not see in the above video is the dozen or so attempts to speak my ‘lines’ with enough clarity (and without my arm moving too much). One take is rarely enough to make an engaging video. The fact that Frank’s remaining 1% of hearing came back online just in time to make an appearance like he made the effort extra special – not to mention the fact that his contribution transformed the performance I had in mind as well…

Rather than write more about the serendipitous nature of creative media-making here, I’ve included another video that exemplifies this process, and how this can intersect with audience interpretation. Enjoy my first attempt at canine cloning… 😉

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