A Touch of Spontaneity

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So I had a different plan for this post today, but I decided to get a little creative with video-making and thought I’d share that here instead. The video was spontaneous so why not the blog post too…?

I was out walking the dog in the rain when I had a ‘brain wave’ (or fade, depending on what you think of my singing), and jotted down the lines on my phone for what turned out to be some kind of weird jingle-without-a-genre. You can see the result below… if you dare!!

This form of digital storytelling is as much geared toward maintaining and enhancing student interest and motivation as it is specific learning outcomes. However, the fact this was produced in only an hour or so for a unit on video-making will hopefully underline the point that it doesn’t take much time or effort to put together and share some media.

The great thing about making this video was that, in addition to screen capturing some of my already published content online, I could draw at will from a range of source material saved to a substantial collection of old photos and footage. I’ll write about ‘recyclability’ in more detail later, but it’s worth flagging the value of this here. I’ve always thought no book you read is a waste of time, and I’ll make a similar claim for the random panning shot you shoot on a smartphone. You just never know when things will come in handy.

Being the end of Week 1, I’ve found it a handy addition to a teaching toolkit to provide some form of retrospective reflection on recent activities. I used to do this in my YouTube ‘meLectures’, but this became tricky when the type of videos morphed into something else. Last trimester I used the below Twitter ‘Moment’ to collate a series of staff and student contributions to a unit hashtag, which is an alternative means of spontaneously recapping a week of learning…

Have you tried any different strategies?


Featured image: Photo by Alejandro Alvarez (free use via Unsplash)

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