Promoting Bravery

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With the Digital Learning with @digitalzones podcast now up on all the major platforms, it’s time for a new episode release!

Digital Learning LogoEpisode 2 critiques pervasive stereotypes of young people that seldom match up with the experiences of the majority, but which nonetheless have widespread impact on people’s (self-)perceptions and identities. The implications of this for teaching are considerable – and educational institutions have been complicit in perpetuating these stereotypes (see, for example, the recent phone ban). But these stereotypes are particularly problematic for the areas of Digital Media and, by extension, digital learning.

In this episode I speak with fellow teacher Emily Wade about pushing back against these stereotypes by building online learning communities with students. Emily makes the great observation that promoting bravery is a key part of this, highlighting how she motivates students to push past anxieties and be creative in digital spaces.

If you’re interested in hearing about how to promote student bravery and why it’s needed, you can subscribe to and download this podcast via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, and a range of other apps that you can find listed here.

SMS Ep 23 Insta.pngYou can discover more of Emily’s insights and background in a recent Social Media Stories podcast.

You can connect with Emily on Twitter and via her website, Brave Little Pig.

Thanks for reading/listening!

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