On Twitter

1 min reading and 11 mins listening

Recent blogs have highlighted Twitter as a highly valuable avenue for developing an online learning community and facilitating creative capacity-building. But the perspectives contained within those posts, including the video I myself made and a podcast chat recorded with fellow Digital Media teacher Emily Wade, are those of educators, and I want to compliment those with a student perspective here.

Caitlyn Putt graduated from her Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) degree some time ago, although clearly the relevance and usefulness of Twitter continues for her today. Twitter also allows me to easily maintain connections with students long after I have anything substantial to teach them, and Caitlyn is generous enough to do so despite my poor photography skills…

In Episode 2 of Social Media Stories, I spoke with Caitlyn about her various experiences with Twitter and her broader insights into the importance of being connected as a student and graduate. The best thing about this conversation for me is that it just preceded a major success in Caitlyn’s career narrative, as she scored a paid position in social media and politics (combining two of her personal passions) shortly after this recording took place.

You can find Caitlyn Putt on Twitter and via her website, Caffeinated Words.


Featured image: Caitlyn Putt, not a student anymore, but still learning and still thriving.

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