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Digital Learning LogoEpisode 3 of the Digital Learning with @digitalzones podcast is now online!! Following on from recent posts on building community, being visible, and promoting bravery, this week’s conversation looks at how both students and teachers might go outside their comfort zones to belong in a digital world. My special guest this week is Chie Adachi, Director of Digital Learning at Deakin University.

With an extensive background in Education, including teaching experience in Japan, Chie followed her passion for languages with a PhD in Linguistics. In short time, her enthusiasm for the opportunities of the online world led her to be an avid advocate for digital learning. As a result, Chie’s current work involves her in various innovation projects in this area as part of the central Deakin Learning Futures unit – not least of all the ‘Transforming DigitalMOOC (massive open online course), which has already attracted thousands of students in a few short years…

Chie had a chat with me about her experiences developing this MOOC, the need for her to be ‘visible’ in the process, and the multi-faceted nature of ‘connection’ that is central to student engagement in these digital times. You can subscribe to and download this podcast via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, and a range of other apps that you can find listed here. I’ve also embedded today’s episode via SoundCloud below…

There are so many themes that are coming out of this and earlier podcasts and again, we’re really only scratching the surface here, but I hope you enjoy this further ‘teaser’ of the world of Digital Learning – and keep an eye out for much more to come!! 🙂

You can connect with Chie on Twitter and via her website.

Thanks for reading/listening!


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