Taking Stock

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Seven weeks ago I created the Digital Learning with @digitalzones website. Back then – just a blink in time, but in another sense difficult to recall – I had no idea what would come of this. I remember being honest enough with myself to admit there was a good chance I would make a start creating all this content, and then it would fall by the wayside as other responsibilities subsumed these posts. I certainly didn’t expect that I’d have completed this much – and the last thing I expected was that I would be launching a new podcast a few weeks in. I have a few people to thank for this…

Much of the new and old content I’ve shared over the past few months has featured numerous individuals – colleagues, students, and practitioners of many stripes – who have generously given their time over the years to be in videos and podcasts. The motivation they provided through these little collaborations is greatly appreciated – as is the support of anyone and everyone who’s visited this site and given me a shout out or just a shout. Whether you realised it or not, you have all helped to bring this content into the world, and for that I am deeply grateful.


I’ve felt a need to reinvigorate my media-making of late. Many who know me wouldn’t have thought this to be the case given I’ve been busy making Social Media Stories episodes and various other things on a weekly basis. But this website has provided a kind of renewal that has reignited a desire to recommence and reshape other things as well – and I’m already discovering ways to intersect my work in Digital Learning here with other endeavours (for example, gamification and education will be a major focus of future Our Gamified World media). Next week will see a cross-over episode of the SMS and Digital Learning podcasts… yes, I’m a Law & Order fan (#sorrynotsorry)!

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Choosing to publish articles five times a week from Monday to Friday was a decision that was very intentional and perhaps a little crazy. I knew it would test me. That was, after all, part of the point: to test myself; to immerse myself in a flood of writing and other media-making; to work toward new research initiatives; to broaden my network; to offer something of value to teaching peers across sectors; and most importantly, to share my perspective and experiences – and the perspectives and experiences of others – with the world.

So far the proliferation of the past tense in this post might be read as implying that I’m drawing the Digital Learning with @digitalzones initiative to a close; that the site is done and that is that. But few things are ever really done, and I’m far from finished here. In fact, now that I’ve tested myself for long enough and know that there’s definitely something in what I’m doing – and that I’m invested in continuing to do it – I’ve decided to take things to the next level with a paid site. This, I imagine, will afford and require certain changes – from the disappearance of the increasingly jarring WordPress advertisements to the replacement of many soon-to-be redundant hyperlinks.

In ending this blog, this is just the beginning. It’s time to take a small break – which is of course an important part of working in the digital learning space, just to briefly implant a key ‘lesson’ about teaching in this post… I don’t know exactly when I’ll be back with more content, and how frequently it will be released, but it will be soon and often enough…

Thanks for reading, now, before, and in future! 🙂


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